EMRA Hosts Meeting to Enhance Jordan’s Nuclear Security Sustainability

by nuclearafrica

In a concerted effort to bolster the Kingdom’s nuclear security measures, the Energy and Minerals Regulatory Authority (EMRA) spearheaded a pivotal meeting on Monday. Eng. Ziad Al-Saaida, Chairman of the Board of Commissioners at EMRA, inaugurated the session aimed at reviewing the Integrated Plan for the Sustainability of Nuclear Security in Jordan (INSSP).

Graced by the presence of specialized experts from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), as well as esteemed members of the National Committee for Nuclear Security and stakeholders from pertinent authorities, the gathering underscored the nation’s unwavering commitment to fortifying its nuclear security framework.

Al-Saaida emphasized the paramount importance of nuclear security sustainability within EMRA’s agenda. He elucidated that the mission of the IAEA experts spans four days, encompassing a comprehensive review of the INSSP in collaboration with EMRA and stakeholders. The agenda includes updating pertinent areas of the plan, drawing insights from global best practices, and identifying national achievements and needs.

Moreover, the collaborative effort seeks to devise a strategic implementation plan for the ensuing three years, predicated on the priorities delineated during the meeting.

Dr. Zainab Hassan, Nuclear Security Officer at the IAEA, articulated the Agency’s optimism regarding Jordan’s utilization of this mission to enhance its nuclear security apparatus. She underscored the significance of refining the national nuclear security system in tandem with EMRA and other relevant authorities, lauding Jordan’s proactive stance towards fortifying legislation and procedures to avert, detect, and respond to nuclear security incidents.

In his remarks, Eng. Al-Saaida extended gratitude to the IAEA and all participants for their invaluable contributions. He underscored EMRA’s readiness to heed any recommendations or suggestions aimed at upholding the highest standards of nuclear security. Al-Saaida reiterated EMRA’s commitment to furnishing robust regulatory frameworks to ensure the enduring sustainability of nuclear security across Jordan.

The collaborative endeavor underscores Jordan’s steadfast dedication to fortifying its nuclear security infrastructure, underscoring its proactive approach in safeguarding against potential threats in the realm of nuclear and radiological energy.

This initiative not only reflects Jordan’s commitment to international nuclear security protocols but also signals its proactive engagement in bolstering domestic capacities to ensure a safe and secure nuclear landscape for its citizens and the global community alike.

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